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  • IF you cancel within the first 30 days, your card will NEVER be charged


  • And all our service plans are CLOUD BASED, so no equipment required at your location

Hackers are plentiful these days

Your Asterisk PBX is a prime target.

Even though all intrusion attempts are being rejected,

They can still bring your server to its knees with their repetitive login attempts

Asterisk Intrusion Monitor

  1. Monitors all registration and manager login attempts on your server

  2. Any of the following

    1. 'InvalidPassword'

    2. "InvalidAccountID"

    3. "ChallengeResponseFailed"

  3. Trigger an intrusion attempt

  4. Modifications are immediately sent to your firewall

    1. iptables: an entry is added to an ipset

    2. nftables: an entry is made to a nftables set

  5. Entries in the reject set are removed after a short period of seconds (This allows legitimate users to attempt to log in again.)

  6. Reject entries become permanaent after repeated attempts to log in fail

Just $9.95/mo to completely protect your server

Asterisk Extension Finder

  1. If you run asterisk on multiple servers, and extensions can move around (failovers or load balancers)
  2. Finding the location and correct dial string may be a challenge
  3. The Asterisk Extension Finder keeps track of every login to your system
  4. And generates a dial string with the appropriate IP/port combo.
  5. Access with simple AGI command
    1. exten=>_X.,n,AGI(agi:/<ip:port>,dialLocal,${EXTEN},25,TtWw,<acctname>)
  6. Get back a channel var named dialString, which you can use in your dial command
    1. exten => _X.,n,Dial(${dialString})
  7. Your logins are continuously monitored.
Up To 500 Users - $9.95 / mo
Up To 2500 Users - $19.95 / mo

Asterisk Multi Server Busy Lamp Monitor

  • If you run Asterisk in a multi-server configuration, you will need cross server support for BLF
  • BLF allows you to report the status of phones in any system to any other phone in the system
  • Allow receptionist to see who is on the phone.
  • AsteriskSupport BLF Monitor keeps track of the status of all of the phones in your system
  • AND reports status to every server in your system
  • SO, even if you have extensions in remote locations (Work From Home?), they will still report throughout your system
Up To 500 Users - $12.95 / mo
Up To 2500 Users - $22.95 / mo